Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Jackson-Josephine Chapter of the Small Woodlands Association are elected each year at the Annual Meeting and Dinner and serve for three-year terms. The Directors serve on a volunteer basis.

Board of Directors:


                                                     George McKinley

(541) 482-6220

Term ends 12/2021

Bruce Martin
Term ends 12/2020

Peggy Martin
Term ends 12/2021

Tom Doolittle
Term ends 12/2020

Board Member
Maxine Cass
Term ends 12/2019

Board Member
Terry Fairbanks
Term ends 12/2020

Extension Faculty (Non Voting Member)
Max Bennett

(541) 776-7371 x221

Past President
Bill Potterf
(541) 415-0881
Term ended 12/2019


The management and activities of the chapter are governed by the chapter bylaws. Recently updated (2009), these bylaws provide a comprehensive governance document.