Welcome to Josephine Jackson Small Woodlands Association

Welcome! The Jackson Josephine Small Woodlands Association is a friendly group of small woodland owners who are interested in the care, management, and improvement of their forestlands. "Small Woodlands" means tracts of privately-owned forest and woodlands, from a few acres to several hundred acres or more. Members have diverse interests and objectives ranging from fire protection, to wildlife habitat enhancement, to timber harvesting. We share a love of the land and an interest in learning and exchanging ideas.

We have regular educational programs and tours, most of which are open to non-members. See our Events & Activities page for more information.

The Jackson Josephine Woodlands Association is an independent local chapter of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association (OSWA), serving the local membership with activities, events, resources and education. See this website to view the legislative priorities for OSWA. 

  • Mechanized thinning (Photo courtesy of JJSWA)
  • Discussing pile burning at a field tour (Photo courtesy of JJSWA)
  • Playing at the creek (Photo courtesy of Jerry Burke)
  • Fawn lily (Photo courtesy of Jerry Burke)
  • Milling (Photo courtesy of Ed Reilly)
  • Christmas tree thinning 2010 (Photo courtesy of Jerry Burke)
  • Pruning with loppers (Photo courtesy of JJSWA)
  • Fuels reduction on oak woodland/chaparral (Photo courtesy of BLM)
  • Yarding logs with a tractor & farmi winch (Photo courtesy of Ed Reilly)
  • Master Woodland Manager class (Photo courtesy of Max Bennett)